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To better understand what we believe, we encourage you to take time to look over the official Assembly of God papers and writings linked below...

A word from the Pastors...

We serve a great and powerful God!
Faith Lighthouse Church is a family built from a new generation of believers that have experienced the grace and mercy of a compassionate, loving Savior. His name is Jesus Christ.

Even as we were yet sinners, He loved us without conditions. He patiently waited for our heed to His call. He holds our hands as we grow and learn in His ways. His favor and grace are bestowed on us each day. His love never fails. This is why we worship Him.

It is our goal to provide a safe and warm environment for all that are experiencing the tug of salvation in their lives. As the Holy Spirit does the work, we desire to be the hands, feet, smiles, and heart of God ushering souls into His Kingdom with encouragement and love.

While standing firmly and boldly on the solid doctrines and truths found in the Holy Bible, God's love and compassion can and will continue to let us be a part of His great work.

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